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10 Safety Tips 
For Women Travelers
By Xochi Green

Is it safe for a woman to travel alone?

Generally, yes.  But, this is a relative question. Is it safe to walk around alone at night where you live now?  What is the crime rate in your community?  The key is to always be aware of your surroundings, don't walk down dark alleyways at night, and don't wear expensive looking jewelry, etc.

Most of the follow seems like common sense, but not everyone thinks about these things while traveling.  It is easy to take safety for granted when you are familiar with your environment.

10 Everyday Basics When Travelling Alone

1. Take just enough cash for the night if you do go out. 

2. Don't dress provocatively. Try to follow custom as much as possible. This means being conservative where appropriate. 

3. Familiarize yourself with customs of locals/country before you go. 

4. Try to find someone to go with you if you do go out for a few drinks or dancing for the evening. 

5. Always take a taxi after dark. 

6. Never leave your drink unattended. 

7. No short shorts/ skirts in developing countries, and wear a bra. Seriously. Local women may find 'freedom of expression' in this manner to be offensive to their children and families. Also, you could draw unwanted and potentially dangerous attention to yourself. It happens. A lot. 

8. Seems obvious but, don't hitchhike. 

9. Study maps if you go out in the evening. Know where you are going and try not to appear lost. This makes you an easy target. 

10. If you do become lost or disoriented, duck in to a business or ask for help from a woman older than yourself. It helps if you can speak some basic phrases in the language (I never leave home without at least the ability to do this).

Again, same precautions you use at home if you live in a city, and double your awareness in your environment.  Buy pepper spray if you can get it when you get to your destination country.  Even during the day while on public transport-beware of people that have shiny shoes and pamphlets that describe what they are doing for their communities with a nonprofit, or anything that seems out of the ordinary.  A lot of these are scams, or worse, will endanger you if those running the scams lure you into a physical space.  This is by no means an exhaustive list but you get the idea.  Stay safe and have fun!
Night Safety For Women...
9 Tips For Women To Be Safe At Night
By Syd Hs

Women are very vulnerable to violence and crimes specially at night. Even with the world advancing so much, women are still not safe on the streets even in the most developed of nations.. This is evident from the huge amount of crimes against women even in countries like USA, UK and other developed nations.

Here are a few tips to help a woman if she has to travel to some place late in the evenings or night:

1. The best things to do for women is to always try and have some company when you are traveling at night. As much as possible avoid venturing out at night by yourself.

2. While traveling in the evenings, aim for well trafficked streets and roads. Try to avoid as much as possible those streets which tend to be deserted or have few travelers.

3. Avoid wearing jewelery when you are out at night. Even fake jewelery might attract chain snatchers.

4. Be extra careful while boarding or getting down a bus, train or while riding on an escalator as pickpockets might usually strike at such times.

5. While walking on sidewalks, keep your handbags and other valuables away from the street sides.

6. If you have to ask for directions, it is better to approach families or women.

7. As soon as you get into your car after you come from shopping, eating or from your office, lock the doors. Don't delay doing this.

8. The elbow seems to be the strongest part of your body. keep this in mind if you ever need to use it and have the opportunity to do so.

9. Don't put off things for evenings and night which you can do during broad daylight like going to the laundry to get your clothes etc. Many women may say that its usually quieter and more peaceful in the evenings, but safety should be the first priority in such cases.

10. It can help if women learn a few self defense tips and techniques just to be on the safer side - woman self defense

The above safety tips for women at night are definitely not sufficient and 100% foolproof. But they do offer some guidelines of night safety for women.
How To Save Money While Traveling

What’s the one thing that stop people from travelling?  Money!  But travelling can actually be affordable if you save, budget and make careful decisions about what you’re spending your money on during your travels.  As one of the best travel agency in Qatar, we at GoMosafer have found a few tricks and tips that help our customers save a lot when travelling!

Take advantage of freebies
Everyone loves a freebie so take advantage of all the free (or discounted) activities you can visit when you’re in a new city! From free museums, free beaches, free parks, free epic views, free walking tours. the list is really endless.

Use public transport
If you aren’t travelling with a travel agency, you will have to arrange your own transport. In such cases, do what the locals do, and jump on a bus, metro, tram or ferry which will save you forking out hefty cash for Ubers or taxis.  Or even better walk, it’s free and you’ll be able to get some exercise in as well.

Buy carry on tickets
Save some cash and book only carry on tickets.  You won’t have to pay extra money to put your luggage in the hold and it will also be lighter and easier to carry around on your adventures.  But if you like travelling with some of your own stuff, book cheap flights online on Gomosafer.com, to get really good deals on your flights. 

Eat at local food markets
Buy your meals from the supermarket or local markets instead of eating out at restaurants.  Shopping at local markets means you get to taste the local cuisine without the massive price tag!

Take overnight trains or buses
They’ll get you from a to b and you’ll also save on a night’s accommodation. Now that’s some epic savings!  But if you like to sleep on a comfy bed in a warm hotel during your vacation, you could travel with a travel agency and get the best of the both worlds since the travel agencies do have the local travel and transfers costs covered.

Travel with mates
If you travel with mates, you’ll always have someone to split the cost of food, accommodation and experiences with.  Even better you’ll be able to make amazing memories which you can reminisce about for years to come.

Another viable option is to travel with one of the best travel agencies you can, split the cost with more people and make some new friends on the road. 

Track your spending
Make a budget before you leave and track how much you spend each day.  That way you’ll always know how much money you have left and you’ll always know if you have enough money to spend on your travels.

Limit the number of souvenirs you bring home
Make memories, take dozens of photographs and limit the number of souvenirs you buy. It will reduce the amount of excess baggage you will have to carry back and if you are one of those shoppers, who must carry a souvenir back, try to opt for smaller items such as postcards, keychains and fridge magnets.

Go off season. 
You can usually find cheap flight tickets and budget hotel rooms on GoMosafer.com by going off season. You won’t have to deal with large crowds of tourists and popular tourist attractions could also be cheaper at that time.  Just make sure places are open before hand to avoid disappointments.

By saving some cash whilst you are travelling, you’ll be able to continue going on epic travel adventures that you’ll remember forever. Ready to go on your next adventure? Just log onto Gomosafer.com, the best travel agency in Qatar to see all of our tours and epic discounts.

Author's Bio: I'm James Matt, a person that really likes technology, design, photography, Fitness, and creativity. 

Top Ten Tips for Travelling With Children!
By Natalie Ray

The thought of travelling with children can turn even the most calm parents into jibbering wrecks. The thought of being stuck on a plane or train with someone else's children when they haven't planned properly in order to keep them quiet is enough to make anyone shudder. So here are the top 20 tips for travelling with children. They're not foolproof but if one of them helps you then my work here is done!

1. Don't rule out taking children on a long-haul flight. Only you know your children and whether they will cope.

2. Don't forget your child's favourite book or cuddly toy that they use to get to sleep at home. If they don't sleep without it in the familiar surroundings of their own bedroom, they won't sleep without it whilst travelling.

3. A pack of playing cards can provide hours of entertainment during airport delays, particularly if you don't usually play cards at home. It won't take up much space in your hand luggage and may be worth its weight in gold.

4. If delayed at an airport with plenty of shops, give your children a (very small) budget and allow them to look around the shops to see what they can buy with their money. Not only will they spend ages window shopping and adding up what they can afford, they will usually choose something that will keep them entertained for a short while once they have bought it.

5. If travelling on a ferry with children for the first time, allow them to travel on the deck in the fresh air, at least at the start of the journey. They will be fascinated by the boat and the water and are less likely to feel seasick if they are outside and able to see the boat's movements whilst they get used to the feeling of motion.

6. Children have a hand-luggage allowance as well. If you are smart with your packing, you can all travel with hand-luggage only. This can shave hours off your journey time and eliminate the possibility of lost luggage. Both of these can make travelling with children much less stressful.

7. If travelling on a long haul flight with children, gift wrap some favourite toys and a few new toys. Unwrapping anything is exciting and they will be delighted to see their favourite toy and even more delighted by a carefully selected new toy.

8. If one parent is a nervous flier, sit children on their first flight next to the less nervous parent to avoid the child picking up on the nerves. This will be beneficial for everyone on the child's first flight and will benefit that child in later life because it's no fun being a nervous flier.

9. If travelling on very short flight, check whether the total time spent including airport check-in, baggage collection and the flight itself is quicker than you would make that journey by train. Children are often easier to cope with on a train as they can move about throughout the journey. It is always worth putting in a bit of time to research other options before booking your travel.

10. Lastly, make sure you have a few days off work after returning from your family holiday. This can be your time to get the house back in order recover if it was a bit stressful! You will go back to work much more refreshed and ready to face the world!